BIOCOUNT® 6000 γ

High resolution Colony Counting and other applications in 35 –150 mm plates, cell culture flasks and 6 and 12 well plates.

BIOCOUNT® 6000 γ
High resolution Colony Counting and other applications in 35 –150 mm plates, cell culture flasks and 6 and 12 well plates.

Ease of use! GxP/ 21 CFR part 11 compatibility. Comfortable study/project management. Easy journal handling in PDF or Excel format


  • Bright and dark field illumination
  • Illumination works software measure setup controlled (GLP-locked)
  • Optional: Footswitch
  • May be extend to 2 more random access cabinets
  • Standard warranty is 1 year and optionally extendable to 3 years
  • Software updates for the supplied Bioreader® are available free of charge
  • Support is generally carried out "on site"
  • Bioreader® software uses a MS outlook® like user interface
  • Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office compatible
  • Incl. Q.M. package
  • Selective color separation
  • For all kinds of applications (Inhibition zone reading, Ames Test, etc.)
  • ‘true’ colony separation
  • Creates reports automatically incl. mean, standard deviation.
  • Export to MS Excel, MS Word or PDF, BIO-SYS Antibiotic Potency program or to a LIMS/LIS system
  • GxP/21 CFR part 11 conformity optional
  • GAMP 4/5 documentation optional
  • 24’’ (1920 * 1200) monitor, 5 MPixel camera
  • Optical zoom in order to visualize ‘critical   colonies/ debris with  5 times magnification optional
  • Footswitch for hands free operation optional
  • Barcode reader optional
  • CE conformity.


Eazyreader®-lite software

Special features

  • Individual circular and square format region of interest: allows you to analyze plates from 35 – 100 mm and even 75 mm cell culture flasks
  • ‘Easy Learning Curve’
    • Click on a colony to ‘teach’ the Biocount what you want to count.
    • Predefined measure settings
    • BIOSYS supplies your counter with commonly used measure protocols.
    • These protocols may be used or modified for any special agar/strain combinations (audit trail will keep track of all changes).
  • Additional information’s acquired
    • In addition to the number of colonies the Biocount acquires additional information’s (like morphometrically information):
    • Optical density, diameter (mm or µm), size distribution, roundness, roughness, circularity, measure date and time, plate image ID (saved on hard drive), measure operator (especially for GLP).


30 cm
37 cm
45 cm


20 kg

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