Special features

  • Individual circular and square format region of interest: allows you to analyze plates from 35 – 100 mm and even 75 mm cell culture flasks
  • ‘Easy Learning Curve’
    • Click on a colony to ‘teach’ the Biocount what you want to count.
    • Predefined measure settings
    • BIOSYS supplies your counter with commonly used measure protocols.
    • These protocols may be used or modified for any special agar/strain combinations (audit trail will keep track of all changes).
  • Additional information’s acquired
    • In addition to the number of colonies the Biocount acquires additional information’s (like morphometrically information):
    • Optical density, diameter (mm or µm), size distribution, roundness, roughness, circularity, measure date and time, plate image ID (saved on hard drive), measure operator (especially for GLP).