Fluorospot 1-4 fluorophores

Application Fluorospot 1-4 fluorophores
Multi Fluoro Color Reader, Best for Elispot and FluoroSpot.


Applies ‘local neighborhood processing’ in order to compensate for uneven background on fluoro plates. This way the spot volume is quantified, independent of the local background.


Why use Fluorospot?

Enzymatic Elispot labeling
• allows to label 1-2 cytokines per cell simultanously.
• If you are interested to see ‘double secreting’ cells the stain of two cells in neighborhood may overlap. So, It is not clear if two cells are overlapping or one cells is really secreting two different cytokines ( see below left)


‘Fluorospot’ labeling
Allows to label  -a theoretical unlimited number different-  cytokines. Because excitation for each cytokine is applied -one after the other-, decisions for double secreting cells is clearly.
One Image is acquired for each cytokine!

Currently Fluorospot assays with 1-4 Fluorophores are on the market.

Fluorospot offer's significant advantages over colorimetric formats, particularly in the areas of multiplexing and automated spot detection.

Moreover, as spot development is not enzymatic, signal intensity is directly proportional to the amount of analyte within.


BIOREADER® 7000 -F-z-i micro

Versatile inverted Fluoro/VIS Reader, micro + macro zoom, high power LED for fluoro applications

BIOREADER® 7000 -F-z-i

Versatile, Inverted high resolution Zoom Fluoro/VIS reader, micro + macro mode with innovative power LED fluoro excitation


Fluoro Elispot/Plaque + Enzymatic Readers for 96 wells with innovative power LED fluoro excitation.

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