Question and Answers

Where can I find most recent user manuals  for Bioreader®

Please fill out the contact form and ask for specific manuals, SOPs or application notes.

Let us know you Bioreader model and if possible serial number and software version.

What are the best Bioreader® models for fluorescent spots?

Bioreader®7000 -F oder Bioreader® 7000 -Fzi

Does BIOSYS supply a ‘zero’, ‘blank’ or ‘master’ protocols?

Yes, BIOSYS supplies such type of protocols.

What is the  maximal number of MPixel /well on a Bioreader® 7000

Maximal 12 * 12 segments/well may be scanned. This are 144* 4 MPixel = 567 MPixel/well.

Special algorithms make it possible to count overlapping objects between the segments.

For a day by day use typical 4 or 9 fields /well are scanned causing to 16 to 36 MPixel/well

Why does BIOSYS use 5 MPixel cameras for Elispot counting?

Most Elispot Publications are based on Elispotreaders  with 1Mpixel cameras or less pixels.

The counts are reliable and verified.

Camera with 10 -25 and more MPixel create a tremendous amount of useless (garbage) information. 

However on some models like Bioreader(R) 7000 Fx 12 MPixel camera are used because of electronical zoom (see below)

Why do some manufacturers specify cameras > 5 MPixel for Elispot?

 Just for the purpose of proclaiming a ‘unique feature’.

For Elispot it makes no sense. In the -day by day- use the pixels are typically reduced by use of 'binning'

That mean combining 4 or more pixels.

May it be useful anyway to use cameras  > 5 MPixel for other applications?

Yes, in order to use ‘electronic magnification’.

The image is ‘croped’ and just a part of the image is used and zoomed  electronical to full size.

However this way maybe just 2 or 4 MPixel are used on a 25 MPixel camera.

‘Real optical magnification’ is better as no loss of resolution occurs.


Do more pixels generate a higher fluoro sensitivity?

No, on the contrary!

The more pixels there are on a chip the smaller they are.

Less photons reach each pixel. Sensitivity is reciprocal to the number of pixels.

What is the resolution you can reach with Bioreader® 7000 Fzi micro on a multiwell?

Single cell > 3 µ,Foci  10-2000 µ or Plaques 100-5000 µ,cell clones 50 - 2000 µ and more