BIOREADER® -F-z-i // Zoom

Versatile, high resolution Zoom-Fluoro/VIS reader with micro/macro option


  • Full automation of all mechanical functions incl. focus, zoom, aperture.
  • 8 times filter changer.
  • Upgrade option from model alpha to gamma and delta.
  • Dual telecentric illumination for better cytokine quantification.
  • Automated zoom lens for 6-48 well plates and petri dishes.
  • Fixed focus lens for 96-384 well plates and petri dishes.

  • Optional microscopic zoom system for microscopic cell counting.
  • Fluoro/UV excitation plus 3 types of white light illuminations.
  • Works software measure setup controlled (GxP-locked).
  • No mercury or deuterium lamps required, thus 50T hourly lifetime.
  • Improved suppression of auto-fluorescence cluster separation,
    well recognition and cytokine volume quantification.
  • Brand-new generation 7 makes it significant faster
    and more precise regarding positioning.

  • Single click export to PDF, Microsoft Office® applications.



Bioreader F Z I

Minimal space requirement W * H* D (cm): 25 * 29 *18
Examples for approved applications: