BIOREADER® -F-z-i // Inverted

Inverted reader option

Capabilities:The Bioreader® is the only Microfilter/Microtiter Reader worldwide that is available in inverted mode. This allows precise counting of adherent cell by preventing the shielding by the meniscus and liquid level. Cell, CFU and plaque samples are analyzed from bottom side.

384-96-48-24-12-6 multiwell, microfilter Spot/Area/Zone reader. Fluorescence and enzymatic applications in commonly available high affinity 96 well multiwell plates and multifilter plates, for example FluoroSpot/FluoroPlaque and Elispot.

Special Hardware:GigE or USB camera. High definition automated ZOOM lenses, aperture distortion corrected, able to visualize and capture the entire well including the border. Automated focus, illumination and filter changer, linked with the measure protocol applied and GLP-locked.


Bioreader 6000 F Z i

Dimensions incl. monitor W * H* D (cm): 60 * 80 * 45

Examples for approved applications