The first Fluorospot Reader worldwide with Fluoro-Power LED excitation

Capabilities:Fluorescence and Enzymatic applications in commonly available high affinity multiwell plates, for example FluoroSpot and Elispot.

Special Hardware:Automated focus, illumination and filter changer. May be equipped with 1-8 fluorescent channels with Fluoro/UV excitation and 3 types of white light illuminations.

The hardware is measure protocol controlled (GLP-locked). GLP package and dual FluoroSpot + enzymatic substrate color option with all models.

Simultaneously acquisition of up to 3 (-F alpha and gamma) or 2 (-F beta) fluorophore substrates/well.



Bioreader 6000 F NT

Dimensions incl. monitor W * H* D (cm): 60 * 60 * 45

Examples for approved applications

Example for Fluoro-Power LED excitation

with Mabtech IFN-g/IL-10 und IL-5. Stimulation CEF,PPD,TT and PHA