Eazyreader® software

  • Innovative Eazyreader® software combines ‘easy of use’ and versatility and flexibility
  • Optimized applications for commonly used operations like ‘routine scan’
  • QC presents only the icons you requires for this job
  • Scan, analyze and overlay live time creates up to 7 images for each well simultaneously during te scan already
  • ‘Profiling’ help to create ‘user independent’ measure protocols for Elispot beginners and references fro experts
  • Verified in collaborative studies
  • Export options including reports with all scalable images and results in one file
  • Customer specific report templates
  • Video clips and content specific help files
  • Qualified installation and training on side with each Bioreader®
  • On side support and internet remote support
  • ‘Classified’ measure protocols ‘history’ tracking and comparison tools
  • User specific projects, designs, protocols and studies prevent from mixup
  • More accurate ‘cytokine quantification’ based on the patented ‘photometric’ dual illumination system
  • CE EMV certificate
  • 21 cfr part 11 module
  • Full automation optional with ‘feeding system’

In last decade significant steps forward to a harmonized reading across users and laboratories has been made.
A key function is the knowledge about the size distribution and the density distribution!
We call this ‘Spot classification’.

Spot classification

Even experienced users like yourself may learned more about ‘neutral’, user independent Elispot reading in that way. The examples taken from the 
CIP Elispot Proficiency panel document that even the signal/noise ratio will be improved by this technique.