BIO-SYS was established in 1986
Since that time BIOSYS develops and distributes lab instrumentation/automation.
BIOSYS USA LLC  was found in 2010 and is managed by chemist and engineer Werner Freber.
We are designated to develop, validate and install  Bioreader® model versions specially designed for US scientists.

BIO-SYS focuses on technology
We develop the best system out of most current optical and electronic technologies.
Major hardware components and manufactures in the US.
Software design is essentially developed in the US.


Bioreader® is scalable
The first versatile reader that is upgradable on site. Brick-stone principle.


Bioreader® operates with all commonly used Elispot/Fluorospot/Plaque/Fluoro-Plaque/CFU assays.
You can choose among all major assay manufactures.

Global player

The Bioreader® is used world-wide for biomedical research and quality control, in the field immunology, immunotherapy, microbiology and genetic toxicology (biomedical and routine).

The ‘ALL IN ONE’ Bioreader® 6000 readers

‘INSIDE’ Bioreader® 6000



Bioreader® 6000 models rank from the space saving Bioreader® -E (for all kinds of Elispot/Plaque plates) to the most versatile Bioreader® 6000 -F-Z model. Find your own Bioreader® 6000 model by choosing suitable applications inside our filter.



01Innovative high efficient LED illumination system

Bioreader6000 F NT small

Bioreader® 6000-F NT is the first FLUORO/VIS reader that uses power LED technology for FLUORO and VIS excitation.

02Suppression of auto-fluorescence

Time Axis thumb
We managed to improve the suppression of auto-fluorescence inside and outside the well.


Used same sample

03Optical system

triple spot assay thumb Bioreader® 6000-F NT / -F-z NT even count very low cytokine presenting cells. All new models do have the extension NT (for new technology).
Create crystal clear images on overlay images on 1-4 fluorophores.
Background may set to absolutely black.
The protocol is set in order to see the most fading and weakest spots.

Example of a triple spot assay:

Triple Spots (Mabtech sample dated Dec 2015)

Unique characteristics

is diversified and customized for all types of assays:
Elispot, Fluorospot, Plaque, FFU, CFU, HLA, HLA, TCID assays and more.

  • To be used for quickest quality assurance
  • 384/96/48/24/12/6 well plates, 35-100 mm petridishes, 60/72 well terasaki plates
  • Fluorescent excitation, UV excitation and white-light
  • Unique dual telecentric illumination
  • Innovative high efficient LED illumination system (for Fluoro)
  • Up to 7 fluoro excitation channels  plus up to 4 different illumination sources are possible incl. transmission, remission, dark field, bright field
  • Precise inverted counting of adherent cells (Bioreader® -F-Z-I only)
  • Spot profiling to define/optimize your measure parameters automatically
  • Full automation of filter changer/zoom/focus/auto centering
  • Optional lens changer applies 2 additional specialized fix focus lenses
  • Optimized camera with low noise, auto fluorescence suppression and sharp images 2-5 MPixel
  • Measure parameter classification to have a better overview over your measure parameters
  • Undo functionality and 21 CFR part 11 features

Hardware extensions

is a group of individual instruments that are optimized, validated and approved for specific applications.




Individual components are used to fit perfectly to the application described.
Hardware extensions may be ordered during purchase at a later date.

Bioreader® hardware extensions

-E stands for VIS reading
stands for Fluoro reading
-I stands for inverted reading
-V stands for auto lens changer (1-4)
-W stands for walk away
-Z stands for automated zoom lenses (1-3)