BIO-SYS was established in 1986
Since that time BIOSYS develops and distributes lab instrumentation/automation.
BIOSYS USA LLC  was found in 2010 and is managed by chemist and engineer Werner Freber.
We provide a specific range of biomedical plate analyzers.

Focus on technology
From initial design to final quality assurance processes, we make sure our goods are reliable and exceptional.
We develop the best system out of most current optical and electronic technologies.

Major hardware components and manufactures in the US.
Software design is essentially developed in the US.


The Bioreader® hardware may be upgraded on site. Brickstone principle.


Bioreader® operates with all commonly used Elispot/Fluorospot/Plaque/Fluoro-Plaque/CFU assays.
You can choose among all major assay manufactures.

Internationally operating company

The Bioreader® is used world-wide for biomedical research and quality control, in the field immunology, immunotherapy, microbiology and genetic toxicology (biomedical and routine). We are proud to be one of the best-known names in the field of Elispot/Plaque/CFU/counting.
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The BIOREADER® 7000 SERIES - Exceptional Products
3 Product lines only with upgrade compatibility makes your decision easy

BIOSYS USA LLC announces a new generation of Elispot/Fluorospot/Plaque/FFU/Cell readers.

We are focusing on best technology to provide you the best support for you tedious counting tasks.
You can choose Elispot assays from any source and cell lines, if human or animal.
We provide verified measure protocols.
This statement keeps you independent.
Unique peak height direction with neighborhood processing detects spots independent of the local background.